Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Following are some events organized by the centre in past:

  • 30th March-1st April 2017 : BILT Asia 2017 , was an annual event, run in Singapore and around the globe, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. There were around 13 sessions over a span of 3days offering delegates more than 16 hours of advanced level of BIM training. The Event consist of classes and lab works taught by international BIM experts, plenary sessions from key note speakers and as well as a specially designed "executive track" focusing upon strategic BIM implementation issues for seniors management

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  • 5th-9th December 2016 : BIM Immersion Programme and BIM Competition 2016, at University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Brief : This BIM competition was designed to help participants understand digital concepts and processes as well as how they can be applied in practice. This annual BIM competition initiative helped educate construction students (future construction professionals) and make them BIM literate. BIM Education can increase the awareness of the opportunities and benefits of digital technologies as well as simplify complex digital concepts and scenarios.

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  • 6th December 2016 : Workshop on "The Impact of Knowledge Management on Productivity and Innovation" at University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Brief: The workshop was held in University of Melbourne. Speakers in the workshop inculdes Dr Evelyn Teo (NUS), Dr Peter Edwards (RMIT) and Dr Paulo Vaz Serra (U.Melbourne). The aim of this workshop was to discuss about the importance of knowledge management in increasing the productivity. It was discussed that how through effective knowledge management businesses can get competitive advantage by using new Knowledge through effectively capturing, transforming and re-using it as soon as possible.

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  • 17th November 2016 : Presentation at "WSH Conference 2016 - WSH Excellence through Leadership in Construction Industry - Driving Towards Vision Zero " by Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn (Dr), Associate Professor, Dept. of Building, NUS

  • Brief : The presentation talked about BIM-based Automatic Evaluation System for Identifying Hazards. The presentation was centred around how BIM can help in enhancing safety and quality of Building construction in planning phase.
    Venue: Auditorium T1-1, BCA Academy, 200 Braddell Road, Singapore.

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  • 4th November 2016 : Presentation at "AIQS Forum-The future of QS" by Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn (Dr), Associate Professor, Dept. of Building, NUS

  • Brief : The presentation was about BIM as a key to the future of QS profession. The presenter shared her knowledge about BIM tools that can help in improving productivity and making the process fast as well as accurate.
    Venue: Poolside Events Room, Level 3, Singapore Polytechnic Graudates’ Guild, 1010 Dover Road, S139658

  • 1st November 2016 : Seminar on "Legal Aspects of Using BIM, Including Aspects of Contract Management"

  • Brief: As Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) becomes commonplace in the Singapore construction industry, the legal issues which arise from the use of BIM will become significant. These impact on risks and pricing. Steps have been taken by industry players to consider the legal issues and to try to allocate the associated risks. The product of these steps is a recommended set of particular conditions of contract, namely, the BIM Particular Conditions. The speaker outlined the legal issues and discuss the various concerns and solutions to risk allocation which find material form in the BIM Particular Conditions. The issues associated with use of the BIM Particular Conditions was also discussed.

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  • 29th October 2016 : Presentation on "NUS BIM COE – BIM Education and BIM Research" by Teo Ai Lin, Evelyn (Dr), Associate Professor, Dept. of Building, NUS.

  • Brief : The above presentation talked about the NUS BIM COE in the Nationwide Building Information Education Forum in Beijing, China. The presenter shared information about the various activities (both in areas of research and education) undertaken by the BIM COE. She also discussed about the various projects which the centre has undertaken and completed successfully.

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  • 29th October 2016 : Presentation on "BIM Roadmaps of Singapore" by Lu, Yujie (Dr), Assistant Professor, Dept. of Building, NUS.

  • Brief : The above presentation talked about the "BIM Roadmap in Singapore" in the Nationwide Building Information Education Forum in Beijing, China. The presenter shared knowledge about the various steps taken by singapore construction industry (government as well as private parties) to move towards working on complete BIM environement. He also shared information about the steps being taken and what additional steps are planned for future.

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  • 19th-21st September 2016 : BIM Competition Style Learning : Jointly organized by DoA and DoB

  • Brief: The event was organized jointly by Department of Architecture (DoA) and Department of Building (DoB). The purpose of the this 3 day event was to teach students and give them hands on experiance to work on ArchiCAD BIM server which will allows students to work collaboratively on a single BIM model. The event started with 1 full day seminar given by Mr Scott Munro from ARUP Singapore and by Graphicsoft Singapore experts. They explained the entire process of developing the MEP systems and how to work collabratively on Archicad. Around 80 students from both the departments took part in it.

  • 6th September 2016 : Seminar on BIM based Building Design and Construction Quality Enhancement Research Activities in Korea

  • Synopsis: In Korea,several research projects are under going in the area of design and construction process enhancement using BIM technology with support of MOLIT (Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport) to nourish the BIM based design and construction environment .The projects are undertaken by KyungHee University and buildingSMARTKorea in 2013,and are targeting to produce outputs to lead world BIM market. In this seminar,the speaker will speak about the overview of current research projects and the importance of doing research on automated building code checking process using BIM technology .The speaker will also show how the BIM based design results are verified by showing each stage of design process.BIM technology is believed to enhance the productivity in the construction area dramatically.

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  • 16th-17th November 2015 : Cross Platform Interoperability in Practice-CPD Accreditation Course

  • Brief: The BIM COE in colloboration with GraphiSoft (A leading developer of BIM Software Products) organized a two day seminar and workshop sessions to understand the interoperability issues in working on BIM platform and how to resolve it to work in seemless way. Industry experts including Darren Tims (Principal and Director at HDR-Rice Daubney, Australia), Brendon Raid (BIM Manager, HDR-Rice Daubney, Australia), Ajit Menon (CEO and Managing Director- BIMAGE, Singapore) shared their real life project experiances in dealing with interoperability issues in BIM platform. The event was attended by many architects, Project Managers, Academicians, developers, cost planners etc.

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  • 13th Feburary 2015 : NUS-GRAPHISOFT Open BIM Seminar

  • Brief: You are cordially invited to the NUS-Graphisoft Open BIM Seminar on 13th February 2015, Friday for an afternoon of discussion from a panel of international speakers and experts.OPEN BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realisation, and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. OPEN BIM is an initiative of several leading software vendors using the open buildingSMART Data Model.

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