Information Technology Unit (ITU) has been setup by the Computer Centre and School of Design and Environment (SDE) to provide support and services in IT related matters.

The ITU serves the School in three broad areas:

  1. Information Systems :
    The unit is responsible for customising and supporting the whole spectrum of information systems required by the School and the departments in its operations and decision-support needs. These include on-line course registration, teaching feedback, examinations processing, mentorship applications, workflow-based applications, electronic document management, financial and cost accounting, trend analysis and conference registration and payment applications.

  2. Education Development :
    The unit is responsible for assisting academic staff to exploit ICT for teaching, learning and research. The scope of work covers instructional design, graphics design, animation, media integration, production presentation and publicity materials, web cast of lectures, video recording, testing out new software, providing up-to-date PC and workstation cluster environment, as well as website development and maintenance.

  3. Technical Support :
    The unit is responsible for providing the first line of helpdesk and infrastructure support to the School, such as granting card access, configuring of network printers/photocopiers etc.

The range of services provided by the SDE IT Unit includes:

Seconded Computer Centre IT Staff

  1. Providing user support on centralised systems such as Calendar of Events, SAP systems, Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE), Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) etc.
  2. Developing and maintaining web based applications eg. Conference System etc.
  3. Providing support on school-based electronic document management system (eg. Sharepoint), system administration service for web and application servers, file servers and local databases in the School.
  4. Procuring of IT equipment or services for the School.

Dean's Office IT Staff

  1. Operating the School's Multimedia Laboratory (MML). The MML offers a complete range of services and facilities such as document and graphics scanning, audio and video digitising, loan of digital still/video cameras and other video production equipment to SDE staff and students for academic purposes only
  2. Website maintenance and web content management system
  3. Operating the School's Audio Visual Service Unit (AVSU). The AVSU offers a range of equipment from laptops, projectors, projector screens, visualisers, digital cameras, video cameras to SDE staff and students for academic purposes only. The AVSU also houses 2 photo studios for students use
  4. Procuring of teaching software for the School
  5. Manage operations and maintain equipment in Computer Complex
  6. Provide first level technical and helpdesk support

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