07 Feb 2017 -Professor Oscar (SDE, National University of Singapore) at CNA Singapore Tonight!
In Channel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight, Professor Oscar (SDE, National University of Singapore) talks about how Singapore has to adapt its urban planning and landscape to be ready to meet the future needs of our population, economy, businesses and visitors. Do visit the link at https://www.facebook.com/sde.nus/posts/1371318736252602 to learn more!

26 Jan 2017 - Educating for Sustainability 2017 Best Practices
At the World Economic Forum, the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) in collaboration with the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF) shared exemplary campus sustainability case studies provided by 30 the world’s leading universities all focused on educating for sustainability. By including sustainable development in the strategic goals for all their activities, universities can create an environment that promotes holistic education of all students. To complement professional and disciplinary education, they can expose students to the practical problems that must be solved in order to achieve the SDGs. They can foster the acquisition of critical, systems-oriented thinking as well as the ability to communicate with various stakeholders within and outside academia. On this note, ISCN featured SDE’s Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB@SDE), conceptualized from a rock-solid foundation in sustainability education and research to be the first purpose-built net zero energy building in a Singapore tertiary institution to transform teaching in sustainable design, as an excellent example of NUS’s commitment to protect the environment and incorporate sustainability in all aspects of campus life – from education and research to operations. “This report is a testament to the work being done in the higher education sector to address sustainability issues globally and how we prepare students to take on these issues for the betterment of our society.” said Zena Harris, Executive Director, ISCN. Read more at ISCN-GULF shared report.

24 Jan 2017 - Featured in the Moodie Davitt
Heartiest congratulations to #SDE professors, Prof Heng and Prof Boucharenc, and NUS Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID) students for being featured in the The Moodie Davitt Report! Read more about the collaboration between #NUS industrial design students and L'Oréal Professionnel, in their digital magazine end of year review at https://goo.gl/BkSCEk!

22 Dec 2016 - Three innovative projects
Three innovative projects – designed, developed and created by students from NUS School of Design and Environment’s Division of Industrial Design – have attracted a significant amount of local and global attention and support. For further details please read here http://news.nus.edu.sg/highlights/11266-innovation-kickstarted

21 Dec 2016 - Congratulations team Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID) students!
Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID) students were one of the two winning teams in a joint collaboration with NUS Enterprise, IKEA Singapore and SPACE10, with the aim of finding out how IKEA can use conversational tech and AI to foster meaningful interactions with people. The winning team, Team Duktig, addressed the in-store experience with particular focus on guiding shoppers and creating shared experiences for groups. The team set out to reinvent the iconic IKEA pencil and give it an active new role as a personal assistant during the IKEA visit, using conversational tech, AI and bone conduction. Read more at https://goo.gl/eSBfh4

16 Dec 2016 - Aubergine Pillow – Comfort in just a puff!
Congratulations to Sue Xian, John and Jacelyn for a successful Kickstarter campaign! These NUS Division of Industrial Design (NUSDID) students designed the pocket-sized Aubergine Pillow, which utilises the Bernoulli effect to plump up the pillow in one puff! Read more about their project at here  and here.

14 Dec 2016 - The Guest Lecture “When Less Bad is Not Good Enough Anymore: Lessons for a Regenerative World”
We need a major paradigm shift in the way we build and operate our buildings and live our lives. Being less bad, which is what most green building programs help us achieve, is not going to help us solve some of our major human and environmental problems such as climate change, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, chronic diseases and social injustice. Read More ...

09 Dec 2016 - SDE is proud to share that our Dean, Professor Lam Khee Poh, has been elected a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Fellow
for his significant contributions to the profession. "RIBA Fellowship recognises the achievements of our Chartered members that have made a significant contribution to architecture, the profession and the community. The standard of applications was very high. The 30 Fellows who have been elected represent a broad range of backgrounds and specialisms, who continue to affect and influence change from all four corners of the globe" (RIBA, 2016). Our heartiest congratulations, Professor Lam!   Read More ...

05 Dec, 2016 - Bravo to Li Xue, Cheryl and Ai Ling! Their Kickstarter project, the KIN wallet that separates coins and notes for you automatically, is a smashing hit!

They raised $280,468 - 70 times their $4,000 goal. The initial asking sum was achieved in under an hour and the $30,000 mark was reached within a day. KIN has attracted about 7,000 backers from all over the world, including the United States, Japan and Germany . Great job! We are all incredibly proud of you!   Read More ...

09 Nov, 2016 - Towards a new chapter in the School’s vision of learning, knowledge advancement and multidisciplinary collaboration.

In line with Singapore’s quest for sustainable solutions, NUS will have its first net-zero energy building, conceptualised by NUS Design and Environment (SDE), in 2019. Named NZEB@SDE, it is also the first purpose-built net-zero energy building commissioned by a Singapore tertiary institution. The ground-breaking ceremony for the building, located at SDE, was held on Read More ...

07 Nov, 2016 - 国大打造 首栋零能耗建筑

国大设计与环境学院院长林棋波教授(左)为国家发展部高级政务部长李智陞,介绍新绿色大楼的净零能耗设计。 国大打造本地学府内第一栋零能耗建筑,促进可持续建筑设计和研究的生活实验室,预计将于2019年落成。新加坡国立大学将在肯特岗校区为设计与环境学院新添一栋综合教学楼,名为净零能源建筑(NZEB@SDE),同设计与环境学院第一大楼连接。 Read More ...

07 Nov, 2016 - NUS breaks ground on its first Net-Zero Energy Building today!

The new building, which will house teaching and research facilities, will serve as a living laboratory to promote research collaboration in sustainable building design Singapore, 7 November 2016 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) today broke ground on a new sustainable building at the Kent Ridge campus - its first purpose-built Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB@SDE). Read More ...

Visit Us @ NUS Open Day 2017
SDE will be having booths and enriching talks at UTown Tembusu College (Zone D). Additionally, Architecture will be hosting Open Studio at SDE. Find out more!